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Video will grow your business 24 x 7 without taking a single break

Mostly, all businesses gamble with their time and money by...

Failing to align video strategy with a business goal. 

Hiring the wrong videographer who fails to integrate elements of marketing and storytelling. 

Producing low-quality videos that damage their brand 

We are here to help you grow! 

Result oriented approach: Aligning business goal with video strategy.  

Audience Experience Designing: Incorporating elements of proven storytelling formula so that message is delivered to your audience fastest, easiest and engaging way. 

Brand Positioning: Integrating brand storytelling with video marketing so that people remember your business in a more favourable context.

Cinematic Storytelling: Boost the perceived value of your business by capturing high-quality visuals and engaging sound designing. 

We know how frustrating it is to have great-looking videos which don't produce results. 

Over the years, we learned and applied audience behaviour patterns and industry trade secrets to our video campaigns. 

Rihaan Patel a brilliant ONE STOP shop for all your video needs.

Tracey Parnell

Rihaan is such a Great Cinematic Storyteller.

Colette Rabba

Rihaan captures the essence of people.

Micheline Lalonde


Michael Perrault
Founder, Community Pickup Service

"Rihaan Patel brings out the human side and reality of your business or cause. I appreciate his magic and talent in doing my mini doc. Much love and respect for Rihaan and his work.

The only way i can describe it is that his work is MAGICAL"


Mary Payne
Founder, Arts on The Credit

"It was a great experience working with Rihaan Patel. If you're looking for an exceptional film maker who can assess what you want & need & make it happen, this gentleman can work magic. Rihaan is the ultimate professional & a pleasure to work with."


Nabi Ghani

"When the final video was made, I could not stop smiling, what I envisioned for 4 years of how I want my documentary to be, it came out better than I expected all thanks to Mr. Rihaan Patel! Total pro!"


Brand Message Video

These are the personalized videos that summarize the story behind your company using creative storytelling and beautiful visuals. A brand message video is a short, digestible presentation of your business's ideals and values. It's a way to stand out from the crowd of boring corporate presentations and make a lasting impression on viewers. Think Brand Message Video as a 'Movie Trailer.' 

Testimonial Video

We are social beings, and when we are not sure what to do, we always look at what others are doing. Testimonial videos provide the most potent form of videos because it validates what you claim. It establishes instant credibility. Testimonial videos don't have to come from only customers. You can also have testimonials from co-workers, employees, teachers, mentors, coaches, or influential people. 

Micheline, Certified Health & Transformational Life Coach. She help people re-align with their true self and support them as they remove their old identity and mask.

Impacted by pandemic, Clarkson based businessman Carlo Sabucco must make difficult decisions in order to protect their family business and employees.

Marie has lived in Port Credit for 40 years and she is one of the founders and current president of Arts on the Credit

Pandemic exposed the huge cost of third party delivery service. In response, Michael Perrault started a delivery service that is fast, reliable, and dedicated to locals cause. Michael Perrault is a Port Credit based entrepreneur whose story will inspire us to find hope in this difficult time.

The pandemic has impacted Colette's personal and business life. The way she battles back through adversity will inspire us all and leave you smiling.


It is a virtual tour that helps viewers to experience the product or place before it is launched. It allows companies to build curiosity and a buzz about their upcoming product. 

Karl Bach, the founder of Prestige Custom Homes, gives tours about his company's work in order to educate customers on what they offer.

Wickerpark is an outdoor Patio Furniture Store located in Mississauga, Toronto and GTA.

Choose Your Video Package

  • Elite

    30 Videos
    Valid for 2 months
    • 30s (Short Version) Business Intro Video
    • 2 Mins (Long Version) Business Intro Video
    • 2 Mins (Long Version) Testimonial Videos x 2
    • 2 Min Founder Intro Video
    • 2 Min Staff Intro Video
    • 20s Social Media Teaser x 8
    • Teaser Story Format 9:16 x 8
    • Teaser Instagram Format 1:1 x 8
    • ---
    • 5 hours scriptwriting
    • 3 hours pre production
    • 1 and half day shoot
    • 30 hours editing
    • Revision: 1 hour
  • Test Video

    Test Video
    Valid for one month
    • This is test
  • Popular

    Long Video (2-3 Min)

    In-depth, Memorable and Impactful
    Valid for one month
    • 60 Minutes Online Consultation
    • 5 Hour Filming
    • 1 Location
    • 1-2 Person Interview
    • Supporting Visuals Filmed or Edited
    • Name Titles
    • Logo/branding Incorporation
    • Licensed Music
    • 1 Editing Revision
  • Short Video (45 Sec)

    Quick, Memorable and Impactful
    Valid for one month
    • 30 Minutes Online Consultation
    • 2 Hour Filming
    • 1 Location
    • 1 Person Interview
    • Supporting Visuals Filmed or Edited
    • Name Titles
    • Logo/branding Incorporation
    • Licensed Music
    • 1 Editing Revision

Based on the filming location, travelling fees will be charged separately. The pricing of the package may change in the future.


You'll receive these videos...

Business Intro Video (Long) A business video is a great way to show off your company in an engaging, digestible format that will leave viewers wanting more. This short introduction film provides just enough information about what you do without being too long or tedious - perfect for use on landing pages where space can be limited!

Business Intro Video (Short):  Perfect for short attention spans audience on social media. Just post and boost to reach more clients.  

Social Media Teaser Videos: These are a great way to draw attention and intrigue from your potential client's Facebook feed. As they scroll through their social media, these small videos will instantly get them interested in what you're doing! We use footage shot - no scripting in this one. 

Testimonial Videos: A testimonial video is an excellent way for potential clients to see the credibility of your business. It reduces their uncertainty in what you offer, and that makes them more likely to buy from you!

Founder Videos Perfect: A founder is the heart and soul of their company. They are its most valuable asset, so they need to be introduced in a video to help build a connection with potential customers or clients before they invest time in learning more about your product/service offerings. 

Staff Videos: All the hard work and efforts are valued when adding a human face to it. Introducing employees through video helps clients connect with your product or service emotionally. 

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