Are you a busy entrepreneur who don't have time for complex & confusing process of video edting? 


Don't worry, we are here for you! 


You shoot, we edit! 


We will edit videos with industry-standard software and use high quality licensed music and sound effects. 



  • Video Editing
  • Sound Designing
  • Sound Mixing 
  • Titling (Opening, Closing & Lower Third)
  • Music
  • Color Correction 
  • Editing Reviews


This service is for 1 Minute video output.

However, If you want 2 minute output, then you just need to add the quantity. 




What is edting pace?


There are 3 common edting paces: Fast (action), Medium, and Slow (natural). These 3 paces are commonly used in video blogs, marketing videos,  movies, documentaries, and even news programs. 


Action Edit: Action edit is fast paced editing that keep the audience entertained and watching.  It is often used in filmmaking to engage an audience or to provide a sense of greater speed. It is also used in video to show intensity, excitement or tension. The technique involves timing the cuts of a film to occur at more regular intervals than is normal. 


Medium Pace:  This pace is mostly used for videos with more dialogue than action. The audience expects to see something interesting happen, but not too much because it may lose their attention. An example of a video with the medium pace would be video blogs, how-to videos.


Natural Edit: 

It is basically no edting at all or you can call slow editing. It would bore the audience, which will cause them to skip the video.  It is usually used for quick annoucmenet on social media. The audience needs to be able to focus on what the presentors are saying and doing because there is not that much action going on. 

Cinematic Video Editing Package