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15+ Types of Business Videos

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Elevator Speech Video: 30 to 60 seconds
An elevator speech video is a short video that can introduce yourself or your company in 1 minute. It is called an elevator speech because it is fast enough to say it in an elevator ride or when you are in a hurry. Think Elevator Speech Video as a 'Movie Teaser.' 

Brand Message Video: 2-3 Minutes
These are the personalized videos that summarize the story behind your company using creative storytelling and beautiful visuals. A brand message video is a short, digestible presentation of your business's ideals and values. It's a way to stand out from the crowd of boring corporate presentations and make a lasting impression on viewers. Think Brand Message Video as a 'Movie Trailer.' 

Expertise Video: 3 to 10 Minutes
The objective of the expertise video is to establish your credibility by showing your knowledge and experience of your field. You can demonstrate it by making how-to videos, case studies videos, and tips & tricks videos. 

Testimonial Video: 2 to 3 Minutes
We are social beings, and when we are not sure what to do, we always look at what others are doing. Testimonial videos provide the most potent form of videos because it validates what you claim. It establishes instant credibility. Testimonial videos don't have to come from only customers. You can also have testimonials from co-workers, employees, teachers, mentors, coaches, or influential people. 

Philanthropy Video: 2 to 3 Minutes
Suppose you support any social cause or get involved in a charity project. In that case, the Philanthropy video is the correct type of video to establish credibility.  First of all, it is a way to frame yourself as a person who is not just focused on making money but also gives back to society. It establishes your character and trustworthy ness. Philanthropy video increases your trustworthiness. 

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Inspirational Video: 2 to 3 Minutes
One of the ways to provoke sentiments is to make a video on your inspirational story. These videos usually end with a positive message which is applicable in life. 

Lifestyle Video: 2 to 3 Minutes
Do you like to play hockey? Love to paint or sing? How do you spend your evening? What kind of book do you like to read?  Make a short video portraying you performing these activities or show how passionate you are.  These videos don't really talk about your business, but they appeal to the audience's emotions because they show your personality. 

Celebration Video: 2 to 3 Minutes
It can be any kind of celebration. Birthday, wedding anniversary, or if you've received an award. If you have achieved any critical milestone,  it is time to celebrate and make a video on it. The celebration spread a positive message, and people relate to this type of life event. 

Community Video: 1 to 3 Minutes
If you participate in any community activities or cause, it is time to showcase it in a video. You can also voice any concerns and possible solutions about community issues. It shows you care and makes you influential in your community. 

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Informative Tour: 2 to 3 Minutes
You can give an informative tour of your working place, product, or your current project. It simply helps people understand in a short time.

FAB Videos (Feature, Advantage & Benefits): 3 to 7 Minutes 
Showcase features of your product or service and explain how it helps your customer solve their problems.  

Case Study Videos: 5 to 10 Minutes 
Case studies videos provide detailed information about specific problems that other companies have faced. It also shows how they could overcome them using specific strategies or services provided by businesses like yours. 

Scientific Research Videos: 5 to 10 Minutes 
Videos that show recent scientific breakthroughs or new inventions in your industry. It shows your audience that you are not outdated and constantly upgrading knowing. 

Process Videos: 5 to 10 Minutes 
How is your product made? How do you deliver to your customer? What is involved in the process? These videos help your audience understand the effort it takes to do what you do.


There are different type of videos helps you in different business activities. For example, while you are hiring, you may need recruitment videos and training videos. 

For fundraising videos, you may need completely different strategy.